Why use an Architect?


Architects create buildings that are more than just shelter. We add “delight” to the spaces we design and make Architecture.

How do we add delight?

  • Use of light to enhance a space
  • Qualities of materials used
  • Variations in space sizes to create drama and intrigue
  • Contrasting external and internal views
  • Flexible spaces that adjust to suit the changes in daily life

Build less but design better.

The act of building inevitably involves the consumption of large amounts of energy and resources; from creating building materials, to the construction process and use of the building throughout its life. If you can build less – you are building more sustainably.

In residential design I encourage clients to carefully consider the spaces they need to have a comfortable life. Less can be more if designed with thought. Using more energy in terms of “design power” can create buildings with a smaller environmental and physical footprint.

Smaller, well-designed spaces mean less time is required for cleaning and maintenance,  and more time for enjoying the spaces you have created to enhance your quality of life. It is all about making the most of what you have.

Maximising the potential of a site and budget.

Making building choices to stay within budget doesn’t have to be a bad thing – it can focus the mind and force you to evaluate what is really important to you. A realistic weighing up of options and deciding on a course of action will achieve the best result for YOU for the money spent.

Having designed my own home and studio I am well aware of the difficult decisions that frequently have to be made between design elements and a client’s budget.

I am here to help work through these design decisions every step of the way!